Summer Playlist

Our goal was to use gifs to take advantage of the July – August peak traffic for Summer TTD activities.

Design Strategy

At this point the company is starting to request animated assets more frequently due to some success in earlier designs. In order to prevent our emails from diving back into the flash animation era I decided to animate these with modern styles like boomerangs, cinemagraphs, plotagraphs, as well as a simple slide option.

The Ask

One specific ask from the business was to have continuity throughout the campaign from an imagery, template, and messaging standpoint. That was address with the SUMMER PLAYLIST header that stuck to the top of each of the gifs displayed below.


Monthly Savings

Our goal is to educate/convert users on missed savings opportunities

Design Strategy

Motivate the user to increase their savings potential by presenting the benefits of any untapped categories & offers we have, using monthly averages, and a could have saved section.

The Ask

To redesign the Groupon monthly savings email to include new data points that will drive conversion and engagement to categories that users have not yet shopped at and Groupon Select.

AB Testing

A: You vs Avg / B: Just you

My hypothesis is that the neighbour version would actually be discouraging to users who see that they are spending more than the average and would discourage further spending. My suggesting is to have a spending threshold so users that spend less than avg see the comparison and users that spend more don’t.

We wanted to give the business the option to test between a version where your savings are compared to the average customer and a version where it’s just you. The neighbor comparison was originally added simply because it existed in the legacy version, but there was no bonafide strategy behind its use. So I worked with the dev team to have the widget have both options. This will allow them to test between both versions and determine if it has any affects on certain customers.

CTA Exploration

A short exploration on CTA’s was done to find what felt most clickable.


Take Your Pick

Empowering customers by giving them a choice between two offers.

Art Director / Mentor

Emily Mungovan

Design an email that presents users with the option to choose between two different promos, while subliminally encouraging them to apply the higher dollar promo by using a “Best Value” callout or an enticing image. Stress choice, but subliminally lean into $10 toward HBW/TTD. Make it feel like money, rather than a code while also using “Thank You” tone of voice.

Summary of Experience
Acting as a mentor I coached Emily to explore many options in a short period of time. Because we had many different designs to look at, we were able to work through each experience to determine which design communicated the choice best. I worked with Emily, not to direct her, but to help her determine what she thought was best by asking her questions that challenged each design. In the end, she drew her own conclusion. The challenge here was to create the illusion of a distinct choice. In reality, both offers would apply to all categories as they each fall under TTD, aside from Auto and Home Services.

Bonus Marketing Assets

The Email Squad

A very special thanks to my team members with whom we have created many beautiful designs together. Each of these designers plays or has played an integral part in each solution we present to the business and I’m proud to work along side them.

Emily Mungovan

Graphic Designer

Michelle Klosinski

Visual Designer - Asset Library Manager
Kristina Maeng

Kristina Maeng

Visual Designer

Chris Walls

Visual Designer - Go to Market
Marcelo Butzke

Marcelo Butzke

Visual Designer - International
Irek Jania

Irek Jania

Visual Designer - Go to Market (former)

Lila Fagen

Visual Designer - Former Email Lead

Leading my team, setting new standards, and building use case experiences

As the lead email designer, I work very closely with our art director to help drive design trends,service high-level company initiatives, direct & manage, as well as inspire & motivate, our teamof 5. During my day-to-day, I provide direction and insight on projects while taking a step backto allow our designers to come up with their own unique solutions. I work with the email devteam to create dynamic templates that can be easily used by our campaign managers. I hostweekly team meetings called Email Round Tables where we use as time to critique work inprogress and host work sprints for elements that we feel need exploration, like buttons,urgency treatment, and email bookends.
Roles & Responsibilities
  • Lead Designer
  • Liaison to Dev team
  • Manage template catalogue & files
  • Host weekly team crits & workshops
  • Onboarding new team members
  • Making dad jokes at the start of meetings
  • Icon & Animation Collection
  • Monthly Savings
  • Deal Pass
  • Bonus Marketing Assets
  • Lifecycle Marketing
  • Customer Retention
  • Email Marketing

Joined Groupon, December of 2015